• Fundamentals Academy

    Inspiring people to discover, develop, and celebrate their professional identity.

  • Offering engaging design programs

    Fundamentals Academy is collaborating with higher educational institutes all over Europe to offer engaging programs in existing curricula. In addition, we offer our own courses for personal development and professional growth. This is what to expect from us!

    Designer's Identity #1 (Professional Track)

    Our own program - by invitation only (September 2017-June 2018)

    We meet many young designers with potential who feel puzzled in the early stage of their professional life. Skills and hands-on experience alone are not enough to feel confident when performing design jobs – or finding the job you wish for. For them, we developed a brand new 9-month professional track, coaching them towards a professional lifestyle. Enrolment is not possible unless invited by one of our coaches or partners. Visit the website for all details.

    Co-Design Studio - experience weeks

    With HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (September-December 2017)

    Co-Design Studio is a multidisciplinary and international Design Thinking program at HU (Utrecht, the Netherlands). In this year's edition, Fundamentals Academy will develop and execute 6 experience weeks for the 37 students. We will touch upon building professional cultures and environments, making tangible stories, going abroad, representing co-design in another culture, and work with high levels of complexity.

    Week of the Bedside Table (Week van het Nachtkastje)

    With HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (November 2017)

    Every year, we offer students the opportunity to build/design/create anything they want. Together with designers and workshop experts, we support them in anything they can think of. In only 4 days, but they have never let us down. On our website, many examples of previous years can be found. We tend to show the immense potential of our creative students.

  • Past projects

    Showcasing recent collaborations

    Innovation Lab: User-Experience Innovation and Service Design (Summer Course)

    HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (July 2017)

    This July, we offered an international summer course on design innovation for engineering and business students. In these two weeks, we offered theory and experience in the emerging field of Service Design. During this course, we worked on a case offered by one of our selected partners: A/BZ and collaborated with several of our coaches!

    48h challenge: fixating nasal tubes for infants

    Pontes Medical and U CREATE, for AMC (The Netherlands, May 2017)

    Pontes drives innovation from within the hospital, aiming to fuel the healthcare sector with great solutions. For the first time, they teamed up with U CREATE to offer a 48h challenge to a selected and multidisciplinary team of master students (Industrial Design, Technical Medicine, and Medicine). Our goal; to reinvent the way we fixate nasal tubes with infants and neonatal children. The outcome will be shared with business partners for future development.

    ESSENCE Intensive Program

    Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland, April 2017)

    An intensive 3-weeks course on Smart Sustainable Cities, offered by ESSENCE. With our friends at TUAS we have been working with students from different countries (including The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, and China). Aim has been to support the transition of the city of Turku towards a more sustainable future.

    Design challenge: health care at home

    Client: U CREATE and Careyn (The Netherlands, March 2017)

    A four days challenge on how we can innovate home-care in The Netherlands. With the rise of age in our country, we see an increased need for supportive care at home. Our students (from Creative Industry and Health Care) have been working on this question and shared some great ideas with the client for further development.

    Design Jam Copenhagen

    Service Design JAM Copenhagen (Denmark, February 2017)

    The Service Design Jam is a global event, happening in all mayor cities across the world. And of course, Copenhagen (Denmark) is one of them. We have been there to coach one of the teams through this nerve-wrecking 48h challenge! And, our team won!