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    Future Care Challenge 2018

    March 2018, Utrecht - for UtrechtZorg and UCREATE

    What will the future of health care be? With 34 students (50% Creative Industries, 50% nursing school), we have created future scenarios and applications for the changing health care.

    WDCD: Acceleration Program

    January 2018 - with Social Enterprise NL

    Our coaches will support the winners of the Climate Action Challenge (by What Design Can Do) in the field of prototyping and product development, as well as during the entire contest. During this acceleration program, executed by Social Enterprise NL, we will take part in several smaller events.

    Future of Sexual Development

    Oct 2017, NL - for Rutgers and UCREATE

    For the festive 50 years anniversary of Rutgers', they have put out a call for students to participate in their design challenge to come up with new ideas for the future of sexual development amongst teenagers. We have been coaching the students with design coaches and a variety of workshops to be fully prepped for the grand finale - live at the jubileum event where celebrities and even the King took part.

    48h challenge: fixating nasal tubes for infants

    May 2017, NL - with Pontes Medical and U CREATE, for AMC 

    Pontes drives innovation from within the hospital, aiming to fuel the healthcare sector with great solutions. For the first time, they teamed up with U CREATE to offer a 48h challenge to a selected and multidisciplinary team of master students (Industrial Design, Technical Medicine, and Medicine). Our goal; to reinvent the way we fixate nasal tubes with infants and neonatal children. The outcome will be shared with business partners for future development.

    Design challenge: health care at home

    March 2017, NL - with U CREATE, ROC MN and Careyn


    A four days challenge on how we can innovate home-care in The Netherlands. With the rise of age in our country, we see an increased need for supportive care at home. Our students (from Creative Industry and Health Care) have been working on this question and shared some great ideas with the client for further development.

    Design Jam Copenhagen

    Febr 2017, Denmark - for Service Design JAM Copenhagen

    The Service Design Jam is a global event, happening in all mayor cities across the world. And of course, Copenhagen (Denmark) is one of them. We have been there to coach one of the teams through this nerve-wrecking 48h challenge! And, our team won!