• Summer Courses

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  • Innovation Lab: Co-creation and Service Design​ (840 euros)

    July 16-27, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Service Design​

    In a rapidly changing business environment, matters like user-experience and customer journey are of growing economic importance. Companies often struggle with these concepts, as it requires a completely different approach to designing products and services. During this course, we will aim to change the way you look at the world; more opportunity oriented and less problem-focused. Together with designers from the work-field and an actual client, we will guide you through a meaningful and valuable experience.


    Offered by Utrecht Summer School, in collaboration with Fundamentals Summer School and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

  • Product Development & Innovation with Agile Prototyping (950 euros)

    July 16-20, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Agile Prototyping

    Prototyping is an important part of product development. A prototype gives the developers and the client the actual feel of a product. With Agile Prototyping we take you through a short-cyclic trial-and-error make process to get from idea to a fully functional prototype in a shorter time with less costs and less risks. Agile Prototyping is a philosophy that urges you to think with your hands, not with your head.


    Offered by Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, ProtoSpace, and Utrecht Summer School, in collaboration with Fundamentals Summer School.

  • Design Healthcare - Youth Care Innovation (950 euros)

    July 30-August 9, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Youth Care Innovation

    Design Thinkers have been welcomed quite progressively in Health Care. Nowadays, more and more designers are working on this emergent field. With this Summer Course, we are joining some of the most relevant health care innovators in our country to come up with new ideas on how to have more impact within Youth Care.


    Offered by Fundamentals Summer School, in collaboration with Bureau Kraai.

  • Project Mapping: a design method to gather, capture and visualize your project (545 euros)

    August 6-10, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Project Mapping

    During this summer course, you will be working in a team on a real case. You'll be gathering and mapping information in a way that makes it attractive to communicate, easy to share and fun to interact with. We will provide you with methods that expand your skills set to map this project.


    Offered by Fundamentals Summer School, in collaboration with Plaatpraters.

  • Past projects

    Innovation Lab: User-Experience Innovation and Service Design

    Juli 2017, with Utrecht Summer School

    This July, we offered an international summer course on design innovation for engineering and business students. In these two weeks, we offered theory and experience in the emerging field of Service Design. During this course, we worked on a case offered by one of our selected partners: A/BZ and collaborated with several of our coaches!