• Summer Studio

    Our courses.

    Designed by designers.

    This year, we offer a selection of brand new courses, created by designers from the work field. Together with them, we have build these programs to ensure a relevant content and engaging format.


    We host most of our courses in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Except for one very special design retreat in Spain..


    Find all of them below, and apply for the 2018 edition of Fundamentals Summer Studio!

  • Innovation Lab: Co-creation and Service Design​ (840 euros)

    July 16-27, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Service Design​

    In a rapidly changing business environment, matters like user-experience and customer journey are of growing economic importance. Companies often struggle with these concepts, as it requires a completely different approach to designing products and services. During this course, we will aim to change the way you look at the world; more opportunity oriented and less problem-focused. Together with designers from the work-field and an actual client, we will guide you through a meaningful and valuable experience.


    Offered by Utrecht Summer School, in collaboration with Fundamentals Summer Studio and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

  • Design Healthcare - Youth Care Innovation (950 euros)

    July 30-August 9, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Youth Care Innovation

    Design Thinkers have been welcomed quite progressively in Health Care. Nowadays, more and more designers are working on this emergent field. With this Summer Course, we are joining some of the most relevant health care innovators in our country to come up with new ideas on how to have more impact within Youth Care.


    Offered by Fundamentals Summer Studio, in collaboration with Bureau Kraai.

  • Utrecht. Vibrant, young, and intelligent.  

    Our Summer Studio is located in the vibrant and young city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. Utrecht is our country's fourth largest and most central city.


    When entering the city by train, you walk straight from the central station into the city center, for a beer or a delicious meal right beside the canal. Utrecht has a friendly shopping heart, great street cafés, and a buzzing night life with pubs and clubs.


    The Dom Tower, our landmark for more than 600 years, is our highest building and visible from most parts of the city. And with over 75.000 students studying here, a very interesting and intelligent choice to visit this summer!

  • Project Mapping: a design method to gather, capture and visualize your project (545 euros)

    August 6-10, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Project Mapping

    During this summer course, you will be working in a team on a real case. You'll be gathering and mapping information in a way that makes it attractive to communicate, easy to share and fun to interact with. We will provide you with methods that expand your skills set to map this project.


    Offered by Fundamentals Summer Studio, in collaboration with Plaatpraters.

  • Fundamentals Coaches

    Our coaches are mostly coming from the work field, or have serious didactical skills. We work in a Studio setting; we don't just teach you, we go through a process with you.


    That makes is much more of a team effort and less of a traditional way of learning. Most or our learning is done by doing.


    You will get to know your coaches quite well, allowing a drink afterwards to celebrate your achievements a very normal thing to do.

  • Design Thinking in Spain: putting design thinking tools to use in a refreshing way (675 euros).

    August 12-17, 2018 (Spain)

    Design Thinking in the Mountains (Spain)

    During this 5 day course you will experience the design thinking method by working on a rural and natural challenge. We use nature and the outdoors as an inspiration. You will be using several Design Thinking tools, such as empathy and context maps that will boost your knowledge about creativity. How about using mountain biking as an explore tool? During the week we will go on several outdoor adventures (hikes, kayaking, paddle board) to reflect on what you have learned and to get new inspiration for the next design phase.



    Offered by Unbeaten Adventures, in collaboration with Fundamentals Summer Studio.

  • Making Furniture: learn by doing, and take the artefact home (1050 euros).

    July 31st-August 11th, 2018 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

    Making Furniture

    In a two-weeks summer course, make your own one-of-a-kind furniture piece and learn more about making quality prototypes.


    Sebastiaan Mollema is a furniture maker and blogger in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This summer, you can join his course and build your own furniture under his guidance. You can choose any of the three products (table, chair, or a bedside table). For two weeks, just take time to focus on building, detailing, and finishing your product to your liking.


    Offered by Fundamentals Summer Studio, in collaboration with, in collaboration with Sebastiaan Mollema.