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  • Youth Innovation

    Two-week Summer Course, July 30th till August 9th 2018

    Course description

    Design for youth care means designing with potentially fragile target groups and possibly protective parents and other pressured aid providers. However, those young people we talk about are not always as fragile as we think. They know quite a lot. They experienced a lot. Every situation of those children is unique.


    How can you tap into the complex world of designing for youth care? Using different service design tools, such as journey mapping, we dive into a world of service design and explore the world of the dutch youth care.

    The specifics of the case will remain secret. We want you to enter this course with an open mind and a lot of energy help children in youth care.


    Design Thinkers have been welcomed quite progressively in Health Care. Nowadays, more and more designers are working on this emergent field. With this Summer Course, we are joining some of the most relevant health care innovators in our country to come up with new ideas on how to have more impact within Youth Care.

    Course Aim

    During this course we aim to introduce you to techniques of service design, as well as working with societal issues within the Dutch youth care system. Together with a client we will be working with the target group and other stakeholders to create new designs that will help them innovate youth care.

    We’ll invite everybody to join this course. Are you from outside of Europe, please contact us.

    You will be guided through an actual case, together with a team of designers and brand new design methods.

    Target audience

    Considering the difficulty of this subject we only accept students who are third or fourth year bachelor or in their masters. Students with any background can participate, we want to create multidisciplinary teams as everyone will have a different perspective, which will benefit your designs.

    Course Leaders

    Jens Gijbels BSc MBI and Ivar Kraaijevanger MSc will lead this summer course. They are both known to the field of design for healthcare and have been guiding many projects in this expertise.

  • Fee

    950 euro (incl VAT, excl housing) for two weeks.

    Minimum subscriptions

    We can offer this course from 8 participants on.


    This summer course will run from July 30th till August 9th, 2018.


    This summer course will not grant you ECTS. We will offer a certificate.

    Work load

    Nine full days, at least 9AM-6.30PM.


    This summer course is offered in English or Dutch.