• Higher Education

    Together with our friends inside Higher Educational Institutes, we build engaging modules, programs, and coaching methods to fuel the potential of their students. When possible, we connect them to our corporate clients to get realistic and relevant work experience.

  • Co-Design Studio (minor semester)

    We design, organise, and execute this semester, including the acquisition of relevant design professionals and real clients to work with.

    Our international program for Co-Design, where design juniors are educated in our human centred design studio and work full-time+ on real life cases with designers from the work field. Fundamentals Academy operates this program together with Research Group Co-Design for HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Read all about it: www.codesignstudio.nl.

    Creative Industries (specialisation semester)

    We organise the project coaching for 2 out of 3 projects.

    Creative Industries is the specialisation program aimed to develop more creative awareness and skills among students of Communication and Multimedia Design and Commercial Economics. Our team is supporting the coaches and alumni from the work field, in their role to coach the student teams in real life projects.

    Master Module Service Innovation

    We design and execute this 2-weeks full-time module.

    Innovation in European Business is an international masters program, running in three countries (Ireland, France, the Netherlands). Utrecht is their last stop before handing in their thesis, and includes an introduction to Service Design. Together with Research Group Co-Design, we offer this 2 weeks deep dive together with our work-field coaches.

  • Past projects

    Future Probing

    Nov 2017 - with Co-Design Studio for Surf

    Together with research group Co-Design and Surf, we have been coaching a group of 35 students through a dense week of Future Probing. Future Probing is a method used to guide people into a 'likely' future scenario. This allows us to discover existing hesitations towards future technology, useful when introducing new technologies.


    One-week project.

    Week of the Bedside Table

    Nov 2017 - with Co-Design Studio

    Every year, we offer students the opportunity to build/design/create anything they want. Together with designers and workshop experts, we support them in anything they can think of. In only 4 days, but they have never let us down. On our website, many examples of previous years can be found. We tend to show the immense potential of our creative students.


    4-days project.

    International Studio

    Nov 2017 - with Co-Design Studio and CARPE Network

    Our team of Co-Design students have been split up in smaller teams, each working in another country on a real-life case: UK, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Greece, Finland. Afterwards, we have presented the outcome on the international conference of the CARPE Network in Hamburg.


    One-week project.

    Visualising Data

    Oct 2017 - with Co-Design Studio for U-OV

    U-OV is the biggest public transport organisation in Utrecht, offering numerous connections by bus and tram. Since the measuring technology has improved heavily the last decade, it's now possible to have real-time data of every bus (e.g. on fuel usage, comfort, punctuality). But how to use this information and to what end? We explored the possibilities together with data-analysts and built videos and poster work for our client.


    One-week project.

    Innovation in European Business, Service Innovation

    Oct 2017 (NL) - with HU and 31Volts

    An intensive Master module for the Innovation in European Business masters' program, a collaborative effort by universities of Paris (FR), Utrecht (NL), and Cork (IR). During this module, we go through a case-study to learn and apply the Service Design process.


    Two-weeks module.

    Design for Impact

    Oct 2017 - with Co-Design Studio for RAUM

    "Build an object, big enough to impress passing commuters, without any budget and with no materials offered." Normally, you would be laughed at if you give an assignment like this. We, however, believe that it's very possible to do so. For RAUM, we have build 4 life-size objects in teams of 10 students. We really believe that by looking differently at 'material' and 'getting things done', we can teach them to not be easily scared by an assignment. And it worked brilliantly!


    One-week project.

    ESSENCE Intensive Program

    April 2017 (Finland) - with Turku University of Applied Sciences

    An intensive course on Smart Sustainable Cities, offered by ESSENCE. With our friends at TUAS we have been working with students from different countries (including The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, and China). Aim has been to support the transition of the city of Turku towards a more sustainable future


    Three-weeks project.