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  • Making Furniture

    Two-week Summer Course, July 31st till August 11th 2018

    Course description

    Sebastiaan Mollema is a furniture maker and blogger in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This summer, you can join his workshop and build your own furniture under his guidance. You can choose any of the three products (table, chair, or a bedside table). For two weeks, just take time to focus on building, detailing, and finishing your product to your liking. The materials used are wood and leather mainly.

    Course Aim

    Make your one-of-a-kind furniture piece, learn more about making quality prototypes. You will learn more about how to apply wood (and leather) in furniture pieces.

    Target audience

    At least one year experience in design and / or construction. If you are in doubt whether you are fit for this course, please consult our team of course leaders. We do expect you to have a novice level of understanding when it comes to building stuff and using electrical tools. Please add at least one image of a previous project to articulate your current state.

    Course Leaders

    Sebastiaan Mollema (BSc) and Jens Gijbels (BSc MBI)

  • Fee

    1050 euro (incl VAT, excl housing) for two weeks, including material. Additional costs may apply if you choose to work with more exclusive materials.

    Minimum subscriptions

    We can offer this course from 5 participants on. We can host a maximum of 8 participants for this course.


    This summer course will run from July 31st till August 11th, 2018. Closing day on Saturday August 11th.


    This summer course will not grant you ECTS. We will offer a certificate.

    Work load

    Full days (9AM-5PM)


    This summer course is offered in English or Dutch.