April 23-26, 2018

  • Manchester-Utrecht

    Health Innovation Challenge

    The way that youth talk about sex, discuss and learn about sex, the way they are influenced by media and peers and ultimately make their choices as it comes to sexual behavior has changed significantly through social media and digital communication.

    The role that Facebook, Instagram and other social media play in the way people connect with each other and present themselves, the impact of the #metoo discussion, and the way people approach each other through services like Tinder all affect the choices young people make.


    Through this challenge we want to explore how media affects these choices regarding their sexual behavior and come up with ways in which digital media can also play a role in making healthier choices.

    An extra element of design is the role of culture. During this challenge we will find out where culture influences choices young people make through the differences between The Netherlands and the UK.

    The challenge

    We’ll be diving into the world of youngsters’ sexual health and the implications of digitisation onmaking healthy choices. Digital technology imposes to answer questions on how to deal with sexting or #metoo, but it can also provide opportunities to support making healthy choices.

    How might we design new approaches that contribute to better choices concerning sexual health?

  • Program outlines

    The program is dense and challenging. We start the day with a deliverable to kick-start the day!




    Meet the client, dive into your project and the future.


    Possible Futures


    Present possible futures, future probing, streetwise.




    Share stories and insights. Build towards concepts.


    Possible Solutions


    Test. Pitch. Celebrate. Say goodbye and cry.

  • Our location!

    We'll be working this week in The Shed, a great venue of Manchester Metropolitan University!

    The Shed

    Chester Street

    Manchester M1 5GD


  • Coach team

    This team of Dutch design educators is coming to Manchester!

    Erik Mooij


    Erik is Innovation Manager at HU University of Applied Sciences and program manager for U CREATE. His focus is on innovation within health care and preferably in International context.

    Caroline Maessen

    Design Coach

    Caroline is a design researcher for HU University of Applied Sciences, with a love for probing, future scenarios, and meaningful innovation. Highly skilled in organising design challenges.

    Jens Gijbels

    Design Coach

    Jens is founder of Fundamentals Academy, responsible for design programs where professionals and didactical experts work together in educational programs.

    Andy Cambeen

    Junior Coach

    Andy has been working with both Fundamentals Academy and HU University of Applied Sciences, and is used to the design processes in projects with a focus on health care or sustainability.

  • International collaboration

    HU Studio, an initiative by HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, has initiated this challenge. In collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University and Fundamentals Academy, we offer this great opportunity to a selected team of students from NL and UK.