• Future Building

    Building a bright future from scratch.

    February 1-5 2021. Online course.

  • Welcome to our week.

    Maybe now more than ever, we want to tell you there is hope. We believe the world is ours to build and we can make a change. But where to start?


    This week, we ask you to bring a topic that you really care about. This week will be all about finding entry points for change that we can manifest.


    This module runs from Monday February 1st till Friday February 5th. We work mon-thu from 9 AM till 5 PM. On Thursday we might need a bit more time in the evening to finish the deliverable. On Friday we will present our work during a carroussel where we join other workshops as well. These will start at 1 PM. More details on what to do and how, will be shared in our introductionary session on Monday in Zoom (see link below).


    You will need some basic material for this week, such as (large) sheets of paper, markers, some pencils, and ofcourse sticky notes!

    Join us!

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  • Your coaches this week

    We are there - every step of this journey.

    Jens Gijbels

    Founder of Fundamentals

    Lieke van der Rijk

    Design Researcher for Fundamentals via Ritsel