• Utrecht

    Tips and tricks for visiting and enjoying our beautiful city!

  • Busses

    U-OV is our local bus company. You can purchase a single ticket on the bus, however you can only pay with debit card, cash is not accepted. If you like to have a Day Ticket, you can purchase this at the U-OV store at Utrecht Central Station, or at the ticket machines located around the Utrecht Central Station only. There are also 2- and 3-Day Tickets available. Visit the website (in English) for current prices. U-OV operates in the City of Utrecht only.


    For a swim.

    Pool Krommerijn (near Utrecht Science Park) is open during Summer Time, between 10.00-18.00h daily (also Saturday and Sunday). There is an outside pool. Tickets are 5,10 euro for adults (prices might change over time, find the latest here).


    Address: Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, Utrecht

    Find the route on Google Maps via this link.

  • Personal favourites

    These are some of the places I love to share as a local!


    Utrecht people, especially students, love to spend their free time in the city. If the weather is good, they go to parks. We have several, but the most well known is probably Wilhelminapark. You can buy some snacks in the local Albert Heijn or a great bottle of wine directly from the fridge at wine store Grapedistrict (they add some complimentary plastic cups if you ask!). Or you can order some delivery food directly to the park! BBQ is allowed in most times of the year, so bringing a small bbq to the park could make it possible to grill your own food. When in doubt, just go and take a seat there and look around; follow what the locals do!


    Other parks: Lepelenburg, Griftpark, Julianapark.

    Neude and Voorstraat

    This is the main square of Utrecht, with many pubs and terraces. Find great places for nights out (e.g. De Beurs) or one of our countries best wine bars Lefebvre. Close-by you will find Voorstraat, a street with many great restaurants, such as Pizzabakker (for good Pizza), ANAN Saigon (Vietnamese), GYS (with a second location around Amsterdamsestraatweg), or Tiger Mama (more exclusive/expensive). Just walk around and see what's appealing to you (and has place, for it can be quite crowded). The Champagneria in this street is Barcelona-inspired and run by the same guys that opened one of the more famous student-bars for late night drinks "De Vrienden" which can be found nearby.

    SOIA (Strand Oog In Al)

    Locals go here, for a drink or some food with a view on the river. It's a big and busy (lots of boats) river, where you can not swim. However, the view gives you the idea to be far away from the city.


    Website: www.soia.nl

    Google Maps: click here.

    De Pomp

    In a former Gas Station this nice bar and restaurant opened just recently. It can be found quite close to the city center, but just on the not-city-center side.


    Website: www.depomputrecht.nl

    Google Maps: click here.

    Vaartsche Rijn

    A new train station opened not too long ago called Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn. It's a nice walk from the typical Utrecht Canals. Around this station, many restaurants and bars have risen. It's a less known place and therefor mainly host locals. Find for example Orloff Aan De Kade, Broei, Koffie Leute, Little Berlin, or - a bit further - LE:EN.

    "Bring Your Own" bars

    We have some bars that allow you to bring your own food! De Zaak and De Voortuin offer this. It allows you to either bring food from home/supermarkt, buy something in a near take-out, or have Uber Eats deliver something directly to the cafe. They do offer some small snacks themselves, such as the very Dutch Bitterballen (meat ragout filled deep-fried snack) or Tostie (sandwich with cheese and ham).


    A very nice place to go, is a green area just outside of Utrecht Science Park, near restaurant De Veldkeuken. You can walk around, there is a small river going through, and the places are really peaceful. Also, nearby you will find the Pancake Restaurant and a Stay-Okay hostel.

    Club-style drinking

    In Utrecht we have recently seen the arrival of more instagram-loving clubs for drinks and snacks. Find for example The Rum Club in on of our typical canal-basements, or the Street Food Club near Janskerkhof. If you check out their instagram, you know why they are so popular! And when you are near Janskerkhof, here you will find most students night clubs.